In de Wildeman
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Is it wrong to love a bar?

In de Wildeman is quite probably the greatest beer bar in the world. Well, as long as I'm not physically inside of the Porter House at the moment in time that you ask me, I would probably tell you that In de Wildeman is the greatest beer bar in the world.

The Wildeman is a welcome refuge in Amsterdam. The back bar is an actual non-smoking room, inside of a bar, in Amsterdam? Yes, you'll find it at the Wildeman.

Looking for a Westvleteren 12? Aside from the package store Bier Konig, the Wildeman is your best bet north of Antwerp.

Check out the tap list, and you'll get an idea of the variety. And the bottled selection is also top notch. I can almost taste the Rodenbach Grand Cru as I look at the pictures.

What's that ... Liberty Ale on the tap handle? Sure enough it is, and you know what ... I couldn't resist ordering one. There are some great Belgian and Dutch beers, but they can leave you aching for cascade hops.

We commandeered the back bar one afternoon for useless conference calls back to the states. The bartender laughed as we paced about on our hands-free, but he kept the trappists coming.

If only they had a better selection of Cantillon, this would be heaven.

And the other problem, too many damn Americans. Like this guy here. On sure, he looks harmless enough ...

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