Skimmington Castle
Reigate, Surrey, UK

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What more can I say about this site’s namesake pub, that hasn’t already been said somewhere else on this site? Unlike many of our other favourite drinking destinations, the beer selection at “The Skim” is only average. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad draught selection, Very Shy Dale, who is not such a fan of the cider is never disappointed with the selections. It’s just that we don’t venture down to the Skim for the ale, we make the journey for the cider, Addlestone’s Cloudy Cider to be specific. But if you’ve read anything else on this site, you already know that. You already know that one of our gits slept in a bunker on the golf course adjacent to the Skim on at least one occasion during his misspent youth. You already know that the problem with Addlestone’s is that “One pint is too many, and ten pints is too few.” So what else is there to tell?

Well, the food at the Skim is pretty good. We took one of our mormon colleagues to the Skim for an evening session, and while we couldn’t talk him into a pint of apple juice, he raved about the food in the days that followed. Of course, for the Prophet Joseph Smith, catsup is on the spicy side, so after two nights on the curry, his culinary judgment may have been impaired. Still, we do like the food.

Other Skim stories … well, the bat story is always a good one. This may have been the same trip where we bottomed out Brian’s old Ford Escort going over a speed bump on Bonny’s Road … too much weight in the back seat. (And is he ever a cautious slow-moving git these days on that road in his BMW.) Brian was trying to be a good chap and was designated driver for the evening. Rather than his usual kip at the table (see picture), he decided to get some fresh air. We stumbled out of the castle an hour or so later, and found the car in the back lot. We thought we saw a figure inside of the car, so I pounded on the front window and the rear view mirror fell to the floor, at which point one of the crew screamed, “He’s turned into a bat!” Okay, so you had to be there in order for this to be funny, and you probably had to have been on the cider as well, but Brian wasn’t and he still laughs about that one to this day.

A Skimmington for All Seasons ...

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