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Skimmington Crew CeBIT 2000 Road Trip

Pictures from CeBIT 99

Once upon a time, some of us worked for a company named Infinite, and we went to CeBIT ...
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Packing the car for the long drive from Amsterdam to Hannover, Germany. Seven solid hours of David Hasselhoff on the radio.
The only trade show on Earth with a 2 mile walk from the car to the fairgrounds. Eight days ... twice daily ... 17 pairs of sneakers ...
Ah ha! A Hall is in sight! But, is it our Hall? You see, there are 26 different Halls at CeBIT. All of them about as big as Comdex. Our Infinite booth was in there somewhere.
In from the cold at last ... and almost there! Now which direction is North? Hmmm...
Well, if I'm to trust that one semester of high school German, we're either near our booth or getting ready to watch a turtle play the saxophone. Either would be acceptable at this point.

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